‘Stranger Things’ Byers House Finds New Owner, Turning it into Airbnb

‘Stranger Things’ Byers House Finds New Owner, Turning it into Airbnb

‘Stranger Things’
New Owner for Byers House
… Show-Themed Airbnb Coming!!!

9/29/2022 12: 30 AM PT

The famous house from “Stranger Things” has a new owner who’s going to bring in new tenants … ’cause it’s been sold, and is about to become a cash cow.

Of course, we’re talking about the Byers’ house — where Winona Ryder and her onscreen sons lived for the early part of the series, and which featured some iconic scenes. Katie Siplon of TriCounty Real Estate in Savannah, GA tells TMZ … it’s been snatched up by one of her clients.

We’re told the guy who bought it isn’t famous, dude’s an investor, and as soon as he heard the Byers’ home was for sale in Georgia … he told Siplon to pounce.

And get it she did — Siplon says they made a cash offer, above the $300k asking price. The house only spent a week on the open market.

As for what this new owner plans to do with the property — which is relatively modest and just 1,846 square feet on 6 acres of land — we’re told he’s actually doing what investors do best … make money. Siplon tells us it’s being turned into a top-of-the-line Airbnb.

The new owner, we’re told plans to recreate the Byers’ home from the show to a T … with different parts of the house made to look like “The Upside Down.”

They also plan to recreate other places and scenes from the series on the six acres of land.

Siplon says they’re trying to get something up and running by Halloween, and they’re hopeful super fans come flocking to rent this thing for a good, long while. Let’s be honest, y’know they will.

We’re told the sale is expected to close in the next two weeks.

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