Kylie Tatarka of Batavia awarded arts scholarship at RIT

Kylie Tatarka, of Batavia, has received a partial scholarship to Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue performing arts in instrumental music.

Tatarka, a graduate of Batavia High School, is a first-year student in the Environmental Science BS program.

Since 2019, more than 1,400 RIT students have received Performing Arts Scholarships, renewable for up to five years, as long as the students stay involved in performing arts. The students come from each of RIT’s nine colleges, with the majority from engineering and computer sciences.

RIT President David Munson has said the best students are students who are also involved in performing arts, which allow them to think creatively. The experience also gives students a leg up with prospective employers who seek the best, well-rounded candidates who can think creatively in a variety of situations.

A School of Performing Arts opened this year at RIT to offer non-majors in performing arts more opportunities to continue their performing passions in college.

The opportunities for performing artists continues to grow on the RIT campus with the addition of two new buildings being erected to provide more rehearsal, stage, studio, and theater spaces.

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