Gas Price Update: Batavia Prices On The Rise Again

BATAVIA, IL — October is here, meaning winter is slowly starting to creep up on Batavia residents, and it’s not putting a damper on people’s driving habits. After a months-long period where gas prices continued to decrease, they’re beginning to increase again.

As of Wednesday, the average price for a gallon of gas in Illinois was $4.32 — that’s up 11 cents from a week ago, according to AAA. The last time Patch took a look at prices, the average gallon of gas in Illinois was down to $4.01.

At around $4.44 per gallon in Kane County, gas prices were slightly above the state average. Nationally, the price per gallon of gas remains below $4 for an average of $3.83 Wednesday.

AAA is attributing the rising cost of gas to tight supply and higher demand.

“The regional differences in gas prices are stark at the moment, with prices on the West Coast hitting $6 a gallon and higher, while Texas and Gulf Coast states have prices dipping below $3 in some areas,” Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, said in a statement. “At least six California refineries are undergoing maintenance, and there is limited pipeline supply to the West Coast from locations east of the Rockies.”

In the Midwest, the increase in prices is also partially due to a deadly refinery fire on Sept. 20 in Toledo, Ohio, according to AAA.

With prices on the rise once more, here is where to find the best gas prices in Batavia.

According to GasBuddy, the cheapest gas in Batavia is selling for $3.79 per gallon at Mobil, 2074 Main St. Here is what other stations around town are charging:

  • Shell at 164 S. Randall Road: $3.79 per gallon
  • Walmart at 885 N. Randall Road: $3.99 per gallon
  • Feece Oil Co. at 1700 Hubbard Ave.: $3.99 per gallon
  • Mobil at 710 E. Fabyan Parkway: $4.18 per gallon

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