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BATAVIA — Almost 90% of the work on Batavia City School District’s 2020 Vision Capital Project is done or is on track to be done with a month, district Business Administrator Scott Rozanski said this week. The Board of Education Monday approved about change orders to raise the cost of the project $80,864. The change orders were for labor and materials for the following work at Jackson Primary School: disconnecting and removing unforeseen utility service; installing fence, posts and extend sidewalks to accommodate setting fence posts within a walkway; installing curb work along Liberty and Blakely Place; and removing an unforeseen underground storage tank during excavating.

For Batavia High, the change orders were for labor and materials for the following work: lowering the ceiling grid system in Room 167 as well as constructing a bulkhead and lowering 40 square feet of ceiling to accommodate lighting; installing insulation to exposed water lines; installing Plyron flooring in lieu of plywood sub-flooring at the stage sacrificial floor; replacing the incoming gas line at the loading dock; replacing underground gas line feeder from the loading dock to the gas meter.

“The major items include generators at Batavia Middle School, John Kennedy and Jackson. Batavia Middle School and Jackson currently do not have a generator and the one at John Kennedy is undersized,” he said. “Jackson parking lot and former bakery demolition replaced with green space/walkway, Batavia High School loading dock replacement, Batavia High School auditorium stage flooring, window and door replacements at Jackson and JK. The Jackson windows/doors/stage flooring will occur over December break. The JK windows and doors along with the BMS generator will be scheduled for February/April breaks,” Rozanski said.

Rozanski said no future work has been finalized or approved by the Board of Education.

“The district Buildings and Grounds Committee is actively reviewing and evaluating options for future capital project work,” he said.

Superintendent Jason Smith said the money spent on the change orders was accounted for in the project voters approved. Voters passed the $26.7 million 2020 Vision project in March 2017.

“In other words, we thoughtfully and carefully budget for these unexpected change orders in the planning process. We always budget for contingencies and unknowns in our capital project planning with our construction management team,” he said. “Additionally, all change orders are vetted and approved monthly through our Buildings and Grounds Committee, which includes myself, two board members, our director of facilities, and our construction management and architectural firms prior to Board final approval.”

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